Baton Rouge Soccer Flood Assistance Fund

Bo Cassidy, Executive Director, Baton Rouge Soccer Club | 19-Aug-2016

TSSAS Members, Please read this open letter from the Baton Rouge Soccer Club regarding the recent flooding that affected Baton Rouge and their soccer community.

Dear Soccer Friends,

As many of you may have heard, South Louisiana was hit with a 1,000-year rain and flood event beginning the evening of Thursday, August 11. The Greater Baton Rouge area would go on to receive between 20 and 31 inches of rain, depending on the area. For perspective, some communities received more rain in two days than Los Angeles received in the four years prior. For more detail, Baton Rouge’s newspaper, The Advocate, has done a good job of providing coverage.

Flooding has a massive economic impact. In the three parishes (counties) that most of our membership live in, it is estimated that up to 75% of homes were flooded. We have coaches, players, and families that lost homes and vehicles, leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their back. At this time, over 70,000 people have been displaced and water is still rising in some areas.

The Baton Rouge Soccer Club (BRSC) is a full-service club offering programming for community members from age three to adult. We have approximately 6,500 members. Our members come from various parishes as we are the largest club in the state of Louisiana. As we have begun the process of assessing needs of our families, we have already heard of so many of our players and families that have suffered a total loss of home and vehicle.

The soccer community in Baton Rouge, as in other parts of the country, is tight-knit. Our families are out helping each other right now – gutting homes, offering food, offering boats to get out of flooded areas. Soccer is an important part of our lives and community in Baton Rouge. We hope that every single one of our players and families will be able to make it back on to the field this fall. However, we know that many will be faced with financial obstacles.

We are asking for assistance in making sure that everyone in Baton Rouge has the opportunity to experience the game of soccer this fall. Many are in financial ruin and can’t afford cleats, shin guards, or registration fees as they try to rebuild homes, purchase new vehicles, and clothe and feed their families. Any donation you make to BRSC will be specifically set aside as financial assistance for families who want to be involved in soccer but find themselves unable to pay at this time due to their losses in this flood. BRSC gives out close to $40,000 in financial assistance each year, but our need will be much higher this year than we can manage alone.

You can donate directly through our Soccer Flood Assistance Fund in order to offer a flood victim the opportunity to get back to normalcy and soccer this fall. We really need your help! Please send this to your membership, friends, and family. Baton Rouge Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Bo Cassidy
Executive Director
Baton Rouge Soccer Club

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