U.S. Soccer - Player Development Initiatives - Update

U.S. Soccer | 07-Oct-2016

Based on continuous feedback and evaluation, we have made some slight changes to the Player Development Initiatives document, available here. Please know that no substantive information was changed, and the only new detail added was for additional clarity based on questions we have received.

For example, on slide 12, we changed “Field Sizes” to “Field Size Ranges”, as well as noted that a goalkeeper is used for 7v7 and 9v9.

We also clarified that heading is currently permitted at the U-12 level, but that members are able to limit or ban heading at the U-12 level should they see fit.

To denote the version, we’ve changed the first and last slides to say, “September 2016,” and will post this version on our website on Thursday, September 1. Please be sure to replace and reference this new document moving forward.

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