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TSSAS Safe Sport Policies


TSSAS is pleased to provide each League with the policies to adopt so that each League may comply with the Safe Sports Act as of September 1, 2019 and to help each applicable team and player comply fully with the Safe Sport Act. We will work with the State Referee Association to make sure that the protections of the Safe Sport Act apply, in full compliance with its terms, to all players and referees to the maximum extent required by the Safe Sport Act. We have all supported these basic principles over the years. We can now take further steps to implement these principles.

TSSAS President's Message on Safe Sport Policies

TSSAS Safety Sports Policy

Texas State Soccer Association South Prohibited Conduct Policy

TSSAS Mission Statement


TSSAS has adopted the following points as guiding principals:

  • To foster, promote, and advance the cause of soccer and sportsmanship.

  • To develop and administer the game of soccer among players, men and women (regardless of race, color, creed, etc.), within the jurisdictional area.

  • To accomplish all functions of the Senior State Association as provided by the By-Laws of the United States Soccer Federation's Amateur Division for leagues or organizations within the jurisdictional area, and to affiliate as a member in good standing of the Amateur Division.

  • To resolve questions and controversies not adjustable under the rules of the leagues or organizations concerned within the jurisdictional area.

  • To manage annual South Texas Cup competition among the clubs of the member leagues or organizations.

  • To promote goodwill through physical fitness.

TSSAS Constitution & Bylaws


TSSAS is governed through a constitution and by-laws that is available for download and review.

TSSAS Constitution & Bylaws - Updated August 10, 2013

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