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League President: Mark Keelen League Registrar: Emily Fuson

Welcome to ARCSoccer

ARCSoccer is a recreational coed soccer league for adults 30 years old and older in Northeast Houston. The league is made up of members of our local community looking to get out and experience the enjoyment of playing soccer with friends, neighbors, and others within our community. ARCSoccer is a non-profit organization that provides men and women an opportunity to play the game of soccer in an organized soccer league.


ARCSoccer was founded with the intention of focusing on 3 core objectives: Fun, Fair Play, and Community. Our most important directive is for our members to have Fun. We want everyone to enjoy the competition, and embrace the comrade re they experience, not only with their own team but also with the members on the other teams in the league. As most of our members come from the local area, developing familiarity and friendships with players on other teams is just part of the culture. We want to promote a sense of Fair Play. All of the members are playing for the recreational experience. The league culture promotes a level of respect for players, officials, the league, and the game. As you read about our league within other documents that define our league, you will see a common theme of the member's desire to ensure the league is held in high regard from those within league, those coming into league, and those outside of the league. We are very interested in Community. This comes about not only by increasing the number of members and thus teams, but also developing the league as we strive to improve and make this an outstanding recreational avenue for adults who still love the game.


The league mostly consists of players from Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble, Porter, Crosby, Huffman, The Woodlands, Spring, and other surrounding areas. There are currently over 200 registered members making up 9 teams. Teams are made up of both men and women with about 20 to 25 members on each team. The league consists of members of various races, religions, and national origins; from various skill levels of experienced to never played before.

Why Play?

People choose to come out and play soccer for numerous reasons including physical fitness, meet new people, reenter the game they grew up playing, hang out with current friends, and have a little 'me' time. We have many spouses that play together on teams and a few who became spouses after playing together on teams. You will often see families coming out together, as the parents play soccer, the kids cheer them on.


The ARCSoccer year runs from September 1 to August 31. There are 4 playing seasons including Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. The Fall season runs from mid September to mid November and the Spring season runs from the end of January to early May. Both seasons are played with an 11v11 format, with most of the members playing during these 2 seasons. Games are typically played on Sunday afternoons and there are 10 games in each season. The Winter season takes place during Christmas break and the Summer season runs from mid June to the end of July. Both of these seasons are played with an 8v8 format on a smaller field. The Summer season is played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and there are 10 games in the Summer season. The Winter season is played during a couple of weekends and there are slightly fewer than 10 games.

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TSSAS Registrar
Harmony Smith
2022 Pillard Summit,
San Antonio, TX 78245


By Phone: 210-326-5942

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