| 06-Dec-2020

Pascal Paul Piazza, President


December 5, 2020

I take this time to be thankful. It is time to recognize our triumphs and our defeats and how to move forward in a better way from both. Most importantly, it is time to recognize family.

We are all one family. Please let us know how everyone has been able to survive during the Covid-19 pandemic which continues and what plans exist for 2021.

Even though Covid-19 remains the main focus, we cannot forget that 2020 was the year to begin to eradicate emotional and physical abuse on the pitch, on our teams and among our players. The Safe Sport Initiative remains an active and vital program for all of us.

We have not received any reports of any emotional or physical abuse. That is great. Please let us know by December 12, 2020 whether there have been any reports or incidents of emotional or physical abuse in 2020 so we can make a full report to the USSF.

I thank Claudella, Debbie, Jessica, Gloria, Jeanne, Jinny, Harmony, Bill, Neil, Patti, Deb, Tash, Mary, Bernadette, the Houston Aces, the TORSO Gray Matter, the HWSA Penguin Eire and all of my family in TSSAS.

Merci Pace e salute
/s/ Pascal Paul Piazza

Pascal Paul Piazza, President Texas-South

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