TSSAS President's Message and Liability Waiver

TSSAS News | 08-Jun-2020

A Message from TSSAS President, June 7, 2020

As referenced in this message, please download and use this revised Player Liability Waiver form from USASA.

USASA Updated Release of Liability Waiver USASA Updated Release of Liability Waiver (134 KB)

Yesterday was the 76th anniversary of the Normandy beach landings. We can never give enough thanks to the American, British, Canadian, Free French, Commonwealth, Polish and other troops who landed at or one the Omaha, Sword, Juno, Gold and Utah beaches for our freedom.

We must also use this time to address the current issues raised by the death of George Floyd. Our family is as diverse as it possibly can be. We can provide the model for society as a whole. Soccer is life. I would ask that we all do positive things to advance social justice. Please let the Board and me know what you would like for us to do better or what you would like for us to advance social injustice. This is not a partisan matter. Let's hear from everyone.

Before anyone criticizes me for leading with the D-Day commemoration, please note that I consider the D-Day commemoration and the George Floyd message to be different sides of the same coin. My relatives were with the Free French forces at Normandy who had been fighting, as my father and others relative had been fighting, for fundamental justice. My father then married my mother, who was of German-Wendish extraction (even it was from around La Grange, Texas), showing that love triumphs over even the folly of what would appear to be insurmountable differences. This is about as sentimental as I will ever get.

USASA has mandated that everyone has to sign a new form of waiver even if a player has already signed a waiver. The new waiver specifically seeks to hold each league harmless even for the negligence of that league. It is designed to try to protect each league if someone will try to show that a player, fan, coach or administrator contracted C-19 at a soccer practice, match or meeting. It is not limited, however, to just that situation.

The release does not cover malicious acts, willful, intentional or deliberate acts. That is why the decisions of our leagues should be guided by the best available medical guidance.

IT IS CRITICAL THAT THERE IS A SIGNATURE BY THE PLAYER. The signature can be an ink signature. It can be an electronic signature. It can be by posting the waiver (which it should be posted on every league's website) and then requiring a player to click that they have accepted the waiver if they have not otherwise accepted the waiver. In short, if a league has to rely upon the waiver, the league must be able to show that a player accepted the waiver.

USASA Updated Release of Liability Waiver USASA Updated Release of Liability Waiver (134 KB)

Please translate the waiver into any language that covers a significant number of players in a league.

Pace e salute
Is/ Pascal Paul Piazza Pascal Paul Piazza,
President Texas-South

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