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TSSAS News | 10-Jul-2020

July 9, 2020

On July 9, 2020, the United States Soccer Federation issued its Phase III guidance. Please review the Phase III guidance.

Please note that the Phase I guidance, the Phase II guidance and the Phase III guidance together comprise a comprehensive, seamless set of protocols that must all be complied with based upon the unique circumstances of each league. It is up to each league to determine whether its policies to restart play comply with the Phase I guidance, the Phase II guidance and the Phase III guidance based upon reasonable medical counsel.

It seems easy to say that we should just re-start play because the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga and MLS have re-started play. Just because these leagues have re-started does not mean that it is safe to re-start play here. Those leagues also have health and safety protocols and testing that few of our leagues can implement. It may be safe to re-start in London, Barcelona, Munich and Orlando under very tight testing, health and safety measure, but it may not be safe to re-start in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus or McAllen.

Texas-South remains a C-19 hotspot. We must all wear masks, keep a 6 foot social distance, trace when there is any suspicion of exposure, and take care of each and every one of else. We are a family.

Pace e salute
/s/ Pascal Paul Piazza
Pascal Paul Piazza,
President Texas-South

U.S. Soccer

Dear U.S. Soccer Members,

In June of this year, we launched PLAY ON, a broad educational campaign to unite and support the soccer community during this global pandemic. Your assistance with distributing this information to your members has been greatly appreciated and we’re proud to provide our Phase III Grassroots Recommendations Guide - Go to Guide

Phase III allows for the continuation of full-team training and the addition of full-team competitions, provided:
- COVID-19 prevention and response protocols are still in place and actively followed
- Social distancing is maintained, with limited exceptions as part of training activities and competitions as outlined
- Teams are recommended to participate only in local / regional and single day events that avoid significant travel and/or overnight stays
- All policies and decisions are guided by local and state recommendations

While trainings and the addition of competitions may continue to make things look more “normal,” in consideration of how COVID-19 is transmitted, it is vitally important that everyone involved in the process of return-to-play does so with extreme diligence and attention to the widely-agreed-upon standards and guidelines.

Similar to previous phases, this is a soft launch for Members, and then you’ll see more promotion of Phase III next week. The Phase III Member Webinars will take place next Tuesday (July 14) and Wednesday (July 15). Below are the links to pre-register:

Membership Webinar #1: Tuesday, July 14 at 3 p.m. CT - WEBINAR REGISTRATIONLINK

Membership Webinar #2: Wednesday, July 15 at 11 a.m. CT - WEBINAR REGISTRATION LINK

During those webinars, we will review key points and answer any questions you have. It will be the same content/information in each, so you only need to join one, but are welcome to participate in both.

As we have consistently shared and emphasized, these guidelines and best practices are intended for use WHEN AND IF your local authorities have deemed it safe to gather in groups and at no time should competitions include more individuals (players, substitutes, coaches, referees and parents/guardians) than is locally allowed. U.S. Soccer is in no way endorsing holding practices or games in violation of any federal, state or local mandates.

We want to emphasize that Phase III should only be instituted following a successful Phase I reintegration, and after an appropriate progression from small groups to full team training and fitness in Phase II. The suggested durations of Phase I and II are 4-6 weeks and 3-6 weeks, respectively.

Regardless of which phase a Club is operating in, everyone should be prepared to take a step back and revert to an earlier phase if needed as a response to increased risk, cluster outbreaks, updates to public health guidelines, or an inability to safely maintain COVID-19 prevention and response protocols. It is important to remain vigilant and nimble as we prepare for every eventuality. By prioritizing the safety of your soccer community, you can preserve the health of those around us and help ensure soccer can remain part of our lives at this time.

On behalf of U.S. Soccer and all those involved in our sport, I sincerely thank you and our entire soccer community for your active participation and efforts around safe return to play over the past weeks and in the upcoming months. Together, we will move forward and thrive. We are, and will remain, “One Nation and One Team.”

Yours in Soccer,
Dr. George Chiampas
U.S. Soccer Chief Medical Officer

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