U.S. Soccer PLAY ON Member Toolkit

US Soccer News | 05-Jun-2020

Last week, we did a beta launch with our Phase I Grassroots Soccer Recommendation Guide and FAQs, and we appreciate both your participation in our webinars and the positive feedback. Today, we are excited for the full launch of the U.S. Soccer PLAY ON campaign.

For the launch, we created a Member Toolkit that you can access via the link below:
PLAY ON Member Toolkit (https://ussoccer.app.box.com/s/uz7wb6u0q7g7v86uv8wy3k9ad490w26o)

As we continue to produce content and assets for you, we will load them into the Member Toolkit and let you know via email that the folder has updated materials. If you have a request for something you could use, please let us know. While we can't guarantee we will acquiesce to every request, we do want to provide helpful tools for all of you to use for the PLAY ON campaign.

To begin, you will find social media graphics, an informational video about the five phases, the official press release, and infographics. We have also included a brief Phase I Content Calendar, if you would like to follow along with our cadence of posting in the upcoming weeks.

For the videos, you are welcome to post or share the PSA from Dr. George Chiampas about the Five Phases. For the webinars, you can share the link with your stakeholders, but please don't publicly post those videos.

A key to our launch this week is the PLAY ON Pledge. Feel free to encourage all players, coaches, parents, referees and administrators to take the PLAY ON Pledge, which is an oath to stay informed and to follow recommendations from medical professionals, to be honest in their self-evaluation and to be responsible to themselves, their family and their communities. Everyone who takes the PLAY ON pledge will be entered in to a sweepstakes to win a prize from U.S. Soccer over the next month.

Thank you, in advance, for your support in this initiative, and we thank you for your patience and understanding while we delayed this full launch. We look forward to expanding PLAY ON with additional information on Phase I, as well as information on future Phases in the coming weeks.

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