Update to COVID-19: TSSAS Affiliated Leagues to Suspend All Matches through April 30

TSSAS President | 24-Mar-2020

Pascal Paul Piazza, President
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Claudella, Debbie, Jessica, Gloria, Jeanne, Jinny, Harmony, Neil and I hope everybody is doing well. The family of Texas-South will make it through this pandemic.

We are members of USASA. We have received updated guidance from them. USASA has issued an amended C-19 virus statement. USASA asks us to follow the guidance from Austin and our local cities on the C-19 virus.

We do not know how the available state and local guidance will change between now and the end of April. What we do know is that USASA has stated that no matches or activities between March 23, 2020 and April, 30, 2020 will be sanctioned by USASA. That means any practices, matches or events that take place between March 23, 2002 and April 30, 2020 will not be sanctioned by USASA. The most immediate impact will be that any player injured will NOT be covered by insurance through USASA. Another impact could be that state registered referees are not supposed to officiate at a non-sanctioned practice or match. Because USASA will not sanction any event, practice or match through April 30, 2020, then my recommendation is not to hold any events, practices or matches until USASA restores its sanction which hopefully will be earlier than April 30, 2020.

Merci. Pace e salute.
Pascal Paul Piazza, President Texas-South

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