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TSSAS News | 23-Aug-2019

U.S. Soccer Athlete and Participant Policy Template for Member Leagues

A message from Claudella Wright, Vice-President, TSSAS

The Word Document above is the U.S. Soccer Athlete And Participant Safety Policy and Templates that was reviewed in the 2019 Annual General Meeting. Member Leagues can use this document and templates to create your own Athlete And Participant Safety Policies. The first six pages are really about U.S. Policy 212-3 and the purpose of the Athlete And Participant Safety Policy. The sample templates for the required components are on page i-viii. Remember this needs to be your Policy remove the references to U.S. Soccer's Policy in your document.

Every TSSAS League must have a Prohibited Conduct Policy as a part of their Risk Management (sample pages i-v Appendix).

Every TSSAS League with under 18 year old players must create and implement a Athlete And Participant Safety Policy which includes: Background Screening, SafeSport Education & Training (page 3-4), Reporting (page 5), Limiting One on-One Interactions (page 5-6) and Enforcement of the Athlete And Participant Safety Policy consistent with the Safe Sport Act (page 6) and the U.S. Soccer Athlete And Participant Safety Policy in addition to the Prohibited Conduct Policy by September 1, 2019 or be in violation of USSF Policy 212-3.

Please submit your new Safe Sport Policies for review to registrar@tssas.org, Attention: Harmony Smith

If leagues have questions about this, please contact Claudella Wright at vpresident@tssas.org or call 512-680-7410.

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