US Soccer Board Reconstruction

| 02-Oct-2020
US Adult Soccer Association
October 1, 2020


Last night, the United States Adult Soccer Association's Board of Directors along with all the Adult Commissioners and Deputy Directors met to discuss the proposed adjustments to the US Soccer Board of Directors and the future of the voting strength. The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee will be meeting in the next few weeks to change the by-laws that will require athletes to comprise 33% of National Governing Body Boards, Committee's and voting strength. This is an extensive change to US Soccer as we know it today.

If you click on the link hereyou will see the presentation that US Soccer sent us to send to you. After much discussion last night, everyone on last night's call unanimously chose Option #1 as the best option for the members of USASA. I hope that you all feel the same. This will be an uphill battle, but we are in the position to battle for what is in the best interest of the USASA Membership.

I will make this known next week during our US Soccer Board call. If anyone has any additional input for Richard or me, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. This is a monumental change and everyone's input matters. Let's support Option #1 as ONE VOICE! This will come to the floor at the US Soccer AGM in February.

United We Stand...Divided We Fall! This is one time we must unite as 1!

John Motta

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