2018 South Texas Coed State Cup Results

2018 South Texas Coed State Cup Results

The Coed State Cup was held in San Antonio Texas on May 19 & 20 2018. Brackets included Divisions 1, 2, 3 and Over 30. The 1st and 2nd place in each division were as follows:

1st Division: 1st Place Blue Godzillas, HWSA
1st Division: 2nd Place Trouble, SASA
2nd Division: 1st Place Game of Throwins, SASA
2nd Division: 2nd Place RGV Extreme, HWSL
3rd Division: 1st Place Foo Fighters, SASA
3rd Division: 2nd Place Remnants, WSA
Over 30 Division: 1st Place RFC Fuego, TORSO
Over 30 Division: 2nd Place Revolution, TORSO

Coed State Cup Winners

1st Division, 1st Place: Blue Godzillas (HWSA)3rd Division, 1st Place: Foo Fighters (SASA)2nd Division, 1st Place: Game of Throwins (SASA)
Over 30 Division, 2nd Place: Revolution (TORSO)Over 30 Division, 1st Place: RFC Fuego (TORSO)2nd Division, 2nd Place: RGV Extreme (HWSL)
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