2018 South Texas Women's State Cup Results

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The Women’s 1st-3rd Division State Cup was held in Manor, Tx, on April 7 & 8, 2018. In the Open Division, there were 16 teams entered from Austin, Corpus Christi, Round Rock, and San Antonio. In the Over 45 Division, there were five teams from Austin, Houston, Round Rock, and San Antonio. The 1st and 2nd place in each division were as follows:

1st Division: 1st Place Elevens - WSASA
1st Division: 2nd Place Allies - AWSL
2nd Division: 1st Place SA Extreme - WSASA
2nd Division: 2nd Place SA Fire – WSASA
3rd Division: 1st Place Tigres - WSASA
3rd Division: 2nd Place Howlers - AWSL
Over 45: 1st Place Vintage – HWSA
Over 45: 2nd Place WMD - AWSL

Women's State Cup Winners

2018 Women's State Cup Volunteers1st Division, 2nd Place: Allies (AWSL)1st Division, 1st Place: Elevens (WSASA)
3rd Division, 2nd Place: Howlers (AWSL)2nd Division, 1st Place: SA Extreme (WSASA)2nd Division, 2nd Place: SA Fire (WSASA)
3rd Division, 1st Place: Tigres (WSASA)Over 45 Division, 1st Place: Vintage (HWSA)Over 45 Division, 2nd Place: WMD (AWSL)
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