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South Texas Women's State Cup

The South Texas Cup is the official tournament, organized and administered by the Texas State Soccer Association-South (TSSAS). In order to encourage and increase player development, the State Association has created a system of competitions that recognizes the achievement of the better teams and players. These competitions are typically organized to establish state champions in the following categories:

  • 1st - 3rd Divisions

  • Open Division

  • Over 40 Division (8v8 Format)

2023 TSSAS Women's State Cup

The 2023 TSSAS Women's State Cup will be played on Saturday, April 1 and Sunday April 2, 2023 in Round Rock, TX. Tournament details will be available in January of 2023.

About TSSAS Women's Division

TSSAS Women's Division concerns itself with the health and well being of Women's soccer in the Texas South Region. Working at the national, state and local levels, the women's division commissioner represents the interests of women's leagues throughout the region by promoting play at the local league level, Texas State Cup Tournament and USASA National Cup Tournament.

TSSAS Contact: Jeanne Smith

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