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South Texas Soccer Referees is actively seeking new referees to help support the growing demand for referees as our sport continues to expand in South Texas. Current or former players make wonderful candidates for referees since they have a deep understanding of the game from a player's perspective. For more information, please visit the STSR website and register for an upcoming course.


2021 Course Closure 
All 2021 courses closed on June 30, 2021. If an individual asks to become a referee, they will need to be directed to a 2022 course.  

For SRCs who use the batch uploader (non-Learning Center SRCs), please ensure all batches are uploaded prior to August 1st. If you have any issues, you will need to reach out to or  PRIOR to August 1st to ensure they are resolved before the batch uploader closes for 2021. We recommend verifying all of your 2021 licenses have been uploaded next week (July 5th-9th) to ensure there are no issues at the deadline. No 2021 licenses will be accepted by the batch uploader after July.

2022 Course Curricula
All 2022 course material has been released to the SRCs and many are in the process of creating and managing courses for the 2022 registration year. Please keep in mind the 2022 registration year runs July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. 

Updated Course Material
For 2022, the Referee Development team completely redesigned the Assignor course material and the Futsal course material due to Futsal Laws of the Game Changes and a growing request in the community for supplemental assignor content. The assignor course was recreated with the support and feedback of a committee of 20 individuals from across the Referee community:  

  • Jeff Kollmeyer, MO SRC 

  • Mark Sadler, NH SRC 

  • Sue Walter, WI SRC 

  • Samir Yasa, IN SRC 

  • Todd Sergi, AZ SRC 

  • Steve Larsen, CNRA SRC 

  • Cliff Clement, NC SRC 

  • Lellie Poirier, WA SRC 

  • Jeff Tenner, PA SRC 

  • Lou Agocs, IO SRC 

  • Paul James, NC SRC 

  • Kris Bailey, AL SRC 

  • Dan Paolini, NJ SRC 

  • Tim Snyder, EPA Assignor 

  • Ann Hicks, NTX Assignor and SRC 

  • Roger Morton, NC Assignor 

  • Diana Driggers, TX Assignor 

  • Melissa (Missy) Lambert, MD Assignor 

  • James (Bob) Wood, MD Assignor 

  • Janet Irigoyen, OR Assignor 

We would like to thank each of them for their time and efforts to help develop this new course and enhance the assignor license for 2022.

Please note, as the Assignor License and Futsal License course material is completely new for 2022, all assignors and all futsal referees will be expected to take the same course for 2022. There is not a separate curricula for First Time and Recertifying Assignors or Futsal Referees for 2022 due to the significant change in content.

Assessor & Instructor Licenses
As a reminder, the Referee Department released the Referee Coach Pathway at the start of the 2021 registration year. This pathway will ultimately replace the Assessor and Instructor licenses. 

Starting with the 2021 registration year, no NEW/First Time Assessors or Instructors may be licensed; they would need to be directed to the Referee Mentor or Referee Coach courses. Additionally, no Grassroots Assessors/Instructors may be upgraded to a Regional Assessor/Instructor. They would again, need to be directed to the Referee Mentor or Referee Coach Pathway.

For more details on the Referee Coach Pathway, we encourage you to review the ‘2022 Referee Coach Pathway’ document linked here. It is also available in the Learning Center, on the Referee side, under the ‘Resources’ Tab. If you have any questions, please reach out to and

Spanish Courses
For 2022, we have translated two new course curricula in Spanish for the Referee Mentor License. We highly encourage all states to consider setting up Grassroots and Referee Mentor courses in Spanish, depending on your state’s Spanish speaking population.

The following courses are available in Spanish:

  • Licensing Courses:
    o First Time Grassroots
    o Recertifying Grassroots
    o First Time Referee Mentor
    o Recertifying Referee Mentor

  • Standalone Modules
    (These are one-off assignments that count towards licensing, but do not issue a license on their own.)
    o SafeSport Training
    o Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
    o Learning Center Background Check
    o Laws of the Game Update

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South Texas Soccer Referees the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for South Texas and are responsible for the administration of the USSF Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within South Texas.

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