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TSSAS Hall Of Fame

About the TSSAS Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame was introduced to acknowledge individuals who have contributed significantly and consistently to the objectives of TSSAS and the promotion of the sport. Each year, the TSSAS Hall of Fame Committee considers nominations of individuals to the TSSAS Hall of Fame. Those selected to the Hall join others who have contributed to the sport and to TSSAS.

Policies of the TSSAS Hall of Fame Induction

  • There will be a maximum of two (2) inductions per year.

  • Posthumous induction will be accepted (but will not count as one induction.)

  • Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be conducted every two years, on odd numbered years. All inductees in the past two years will be honored.

  • induction ceremonies will be conducted at a banquet following the Annual General Meeting of TSSAS.

  • Inductees to receive a plaque honoring them.

Hall of Fame Committee

  • Patty Abshire, Chairperson

  • Alice Klein

  • Debra Sober

  • Albert Chatreau, Honorary past Chairperson

Nomination Requirements for State Hall of Fame

  • Nominee recommendations must be submitted by someone other than the applicant to the Hall of Fame Committee.

  • Applicant must have been involved in the promotion, organization and administration of adult soccer within the TSSAS jurisdictional area for at least eight (8) years.

  • Applicant must have been involved in the local level of soccer and have achieved a considerable record of success in administration and organization of local soccer programs.

  • Applicant must have shown good character and good morals in dealing with others during their service in soccer programs.

  • Applicant must have shown by his/her achievements and outstanding zeal, interest and dedication in the promotion of the sport.

  • A resume of applicant should be sent along with the recommendations. Newspaper clippings, articles or any other information pertaining to soccer promotion, dedication and administration should be attached to the resume.

  • Deadline for submittal of nominations to the Committee Chairman is July 1.

TSSAS Hall of Fame Members

  • Milton Aimi**

  • Patty Abshire

  • Benny Ables

  • Frank Allcorn

  • Suzanne Anderson

  • Alistair Blair**

  • Dick Chamberlain**

  • Albert Chatrou

  • Gerry Chatrou**

  • Patty Hayes**

  • Alice Klein

  • Liz Melson

  • Debbie Meredith

  • Pascal Piazza

  • Carlos Rodriguez**

  • Gary Rodriguez

  • Gloria Rodriguez*

  • Jeanne Smith*

  • Deborah Sober

  • Frieda Stockton

  • Claudella Wright

  • Eddie Venable

*   Member is also in the USASA Hall of Fame
** Member is deceased

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